Your reproductive wellness is a priority


Your wellness is a priority. We are proud to offer evidence-based wellness services to empower patients to prioritize their holistic wellness as they navigate fertility treatments and reproductive health. We collaborate with patients to create a holistic individualized wellness plan that will complement their fertility and reproductive health treatments to increase chances of conception, prevent burnout, and/or help manage PCOS and other conditions. Our Wellness Program also supports the mental health and emotional well-being of our patients, allowing them to stay engaged in their fertility journey.

Wellness Checklist 

One of the areas in which you have the most control when trying to conceive is your lifestyle. Lifestyle choices affect all areas of your health. Optimizing your lifestyle—by eating well, exercising, sleeping well, and managing stress can increase your chance of becoming pregnant, and of having an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. 

At SRM, we can help you identify areas of your health that you need some support to change.  If you are wanting some guidance on how to best prepare your body for optimum reproductive health, check out our Wellness Checklist:


Are you getting 7-8 hours of restful sleep?


How’s your nutrition? Lots of veggies and healthy fats?


How is your exercise/movement routine lately?


Do you get daily exercise/movement?


How are you managing stress? Do you have a therapist, counselor, or mental health provider to support you?


Are you taking a prenatal vitamin? Are there other supplements that you may need to consider?


Do you drink alcohol or smoke on a regular basis?


Are you overweight or have pre-diabetes or diabetes or other health conditions?

Are there areas that you’d like to improve, know more about, get started on? Check out SRM’s Wellness Program.

Find Your Wellness Support

Infertility patients can never have too much support.

SRM is here to help you reach your health and fertility goals by offering a comprehensive approach to supporting you in your health and fertility journey. 

While your clinical team works with you to find the best treatment options available, we recommend all patients to partner with wellness providers to maximize your reproductive journey.

A multidisciplinary approach to your fertility care sets you up for success!

The Wellness Program Offerings

PCOS Wellness Program

Food for Fertility

Mental Health Counseling and Support Groups


The Whole Pineapple Podcast

New at SRM

SRM Fertility and Wellness Supplements

Supplements to Support your Reproductive and Wellness Journey

Many patients are overwhelmed when choosing a quality supplement. We have partnered with reputable supplement companies to create our Fertility and Wellness brand.

At SRM, we believe in a holistic approach to support our patients on their reproductive journey. Nutrition plays a key role in fertility and starts with a healthy, balanced diet. Clinical data suggests supplementation can improve egg and embryo quality, as well as improved sperm health.

Our goal is to offer you high-quality, independently tested and research-based nutritional supplements.