Give Yourself the Option of Someday

Egg Freezing

Preserving your fertility now gives you the freedom to decide later. There are plenty of reasons why you may consider freezing your eggs. Maybe you’ve experienced a life change that hasn’t allowed you to have children yet. Or perhaps you’re building your career, completing your education, or maybe you just aren’t sure if you want kids but want to keep your options open. Whatever your reason, give yourself that option when that someday comes.

“Working with SRM, made me feel empowered, they gave me the choice to be able to choose to be a mom when that opportunity will come for me.” – MaryAnn

Two different experiences

Hear from women who have gone through the egg freezing process and their experiences, including professional basketball players Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart from the Seattle Storm.

Sue Bird’s story

Decision to freeze my eggs

Injections Schedule

Egg retrieval and expectations

Breanna Stewart’s story

Keeping my options open

The trigger shot

Reflecting on the process

The egg freezing process

How It’s Done

Step 1

Meet with a Provider

  • We’ll conduct a fertility assessment and discuss the egg freezing process.

Step 2

Talk to a financial counselor

  • We will provide you with the cost information specific to you.

Step 3

Begin birth control pills* and set up appointments

  • *Optional, but helpful if you’d like to have more control over ovulation timeline

Step 4

Stimulate the Ovaries with Medication

  • The medication stimulates the growth of several mature eggs over about 10 days

Step 5

Quick Checkups

  • You’ll come into one of our clinics several times to monitor the growth of your eggs with a brief ultrasound and blood test

Step 6

Egg Retrieval

  • The procedure takes about 20 minutes under light anesthesia; plan to be here about two hours total

Step 7

Freeze your Eggs

  • SRM embryologists will freeze your eggs that day. The retrieval rate varies, so multiple visits may be necessary to reach the desired egg count

Step 8

Review the Process

  • Meet with your provider. From there, if recommended, you can plan your next retrieval