Many Paths to Parenthood

Donors and Surrogacy

Our goal is to make each patient’s experience as convenient, comfortable, safe and successful as possible.
Many people who have difficulty getting pregnant find donor eggs or sperm, or a surrogate, to be a wonderful option for building their family. It may not be what you imagined for your family, but these options have high success rates and patients who have gone this route are extremely happy with their decision. The chance of a woman getting pregnant using fresh embryos created from donor eggs tops 50%. If male factor infertility is the primary difficulty in the couple becoming pregnant, the use of donor sperm boosts success significantly.

Learning that donor eggs or sperm is the best option for you can be surprising, and bring up many emotions. A biological connection is very important to many people, and realizing it is not possible can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Our team is here to guide you through this experience as you consider your options and determine the best way to move forward.

Please keep in mind that, although this is an extremely personal decision, many parents who have used donor eggs or sperm say that pregnancy creates an unbelievably strong sense of connection to the baby—so much so that they cannot imagine feeling closer even if there were more of a genetic link. As with any pregnancy, you will have the intimacy of knowing your baby’s every movement while you are carrying the baby, being the first to hold him or her, and then spending a lifetime with a child that you created and brought into the world.

Discovering the Path That’s Right for You

There are many options to help you become a parent: