Donor Egg

Frozen Donor Eggs

At SRM, we know how difficult it is for couples anxious to become parents to be placed on a prolonged wait list for an egg donor. We have made a substantial commitment to recruiting and screening anonymous donors to provide you with more choices. Our approach allows patients to cycle more quickly, economically, and with greater selection of potential donors.

In order to provide our patients with access to as many egg donors as possible, SRM has partnered with a national egg bank—MyEggBank (MEB). This partnership gives our patients far greater egg donor options (for frozen eggs only) than SRM could provide alone and allows patients to conveniently review all donor records once they are ready to match. All of the MEB centers that contribute eggs to the bank uphold the same donor screening requirements as SRM. This has been such an attractive option for our recipients that the majority of our donors now participate in the frozen program.

Profiles for donors who have eggs available may be viewed on MEB’s online database. After your pre-cycle screening has been completed, you will be given access to view the profiles and match with a donor. Once you have selected your donor, we will work with you to identify a thaw date for your donor egg cycle. Eggs will be thawed and inseminated and then the embryo transfer will occur three or five days later. Donor Egg FAQ Handout (PDF).

Fresh Donor Eggs

SRM donors are also available for fresh one to one (one donor to one recipient) donor cycles.

In fresh donor egg cycles, the recipient will receive up to 12 eggs retrieved from the donor that cycle. The matching process may take 1-3 months depending on donor availability.

In this cycle type, the recipient will undergo uterine stimulation during the donor’s ovarian stimulation. The eggs would then be inseminated on the day of the donor’s egg retrieval and the recipient would have an embryo transfer three or five days later.

Experienced Team

Once you have established care with your physician at SRM, our dedicated Donor Egg Team will assist you with completing required screening and cycle coordination. We have a full service multidisciplinary team at SRM including onsite Genetic Counselor, Mental Health Professionals, Acupuncturists, and Peer-to-Peer support groups. Our dedicated Donor Egg Liaison will help you match with a fresh or frozen egg donor.

Our goal during this process is for you to feel cared for, both medically and emotionally, every step of the way.

Financial Considerations

Treatment financing allows for more financial flexibility for our patients. Our financial counselors are available to answer questions about the cost of treatment and how our financial services can be utilized.

Partnered with the #1 Donor Egg Bank in North America

Seattle Reproductive Medicine is proud to be partnered with MyEggBank, the #1 Donor Egg Bank in North America. Through MyEggBank, our patients are able to search hundreds of egg donor profiles in one of the largest donor databases in the world.

Every MyEggBank donor has passed screening and donated eggs that are frozen and ready to be shipped to your center right away. If your physician recommends frozen donor eggs as part of your fertility treatment, we invite you to learn more and begin your search!