A Truly Collaborative Practice

Meet Our Team

Our experienced team of physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, and support staff is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for you on your journey to parenthood. Each member of our team takes great pride in being part of such a transformative event in our patients’ lives, and is committed to supporting you through both the challenges and the successes. They collaborate regularly to provide valuable insight and varied perspectives into each patient’s case—resulting in the best possible care.
Nichole Barker, MD

Nichole M. Barker, DO

Dr. Nichole M. Barker is passionate about the medical and emotional aspects of what she does, and is honored to help her patients build their families. She focuses on working closely with each patient and moving at the pace that is right for them.
Ruby Booras, ARNP



Ruby Booras feels privileged to help her patients along each step of their family-building journey, and to guide them through the challenges that come along the way. Her professional interests include LGBTQIA+, PCOS, and promoting fertility through wellness.

Michele Cho, MD

Michele J. Cho, MD

Dr. Michele J. Cho’s easygoing, approachable manner makes her an excellent partner to her patients. Her educational service and professional activities demonstrate a strong sense of advocacy for women.
Jeremy Choy, MD

Jeremy T. Choy, MD

Dr. Choy is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of male infertility, with the goal of determining what causative factors are behind a man’s infertility, and depending on the circumstances, what interventions might be available to help improve a man’s fertility.
Amy Criniti, MD

Amy R. Criniti, MD

Dr. Amy R. Criniti’s caring demeanor is evident in her patient interactions. She is committed to ensuring that her patients feel safe and supported as they move through their journey of growing their family.
Lynn Davis, MD, MS

Lynn B. Davis, MD, MS

Recognizing that fertility treatment can be overwhelming, Dr. Lynn B. Davis places special emphasis on becoming an ally to her patients throughout their experience.
Rachel Herrmann, ARNP

Jennifer Frye, ARNP

Jennifer has pursued a career in various women’s health and infertility roles for the last 15+ years. Her passion for the field began in 2007 while working with active duty soldiers and their families at Madigan Army Medical Center’s Infertility Clinic as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
Rachel Herrmann, ARNP

Paige Gibbens, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

As a former primary care provider, Paige Gibbens knows the importance of partnering with patients to meet their unique health goals while offering compassionate, holistic and quality care. Her personal experience with infertility and the treatment she received at SRM inspired Paige to pursue a career in fertility medicine, in hopes that she can help others on their journey to parenthood.
Paul Dudley, MD

Emily Harris, PA-C

Coming from a background in Psychiatry, Emily understands the importance of caring for each of her patients with a trauma informed, non-biased approach. It is with this approach that Emily hopes to create a space for her patients to feel safe, heard, and supported as they go through this potentially emotional time in their lives.
Brenda Houmard, MD

Brenda S. Houmard, MD, PhD

Dr. Brenda S. Houmard is committed to fostering stronger understanding of fertility issues, evaluations, and treatment for patients and specialists. She finds fulfillment in guiding her patients through their journey to parenthood.
Christie Hume, NP

Christie Hume, ARNP, WHNP-BC

Throughout Christie’s 20+ years of nursing practice, women’s health issues have been a focus; Christie feels honored to help guide patients through their journey towards parenthood.
Amy Criniti, MD

Amanda K. Hurliman, MD

Amanda K. Hurliman, MD is a double board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist. She joined Seattle Reproductive Medicine in 2024 after over a decade at ORM Fertility where she served as ORM’s medical director and has been recognized in the Portland community as a Top Doctor since 2015.
Nichole Barker, MD

Megan Jacklin, MSN, CNM, ARNP

Megan has always been fascinated with the resilience and brilliance of our bodies throughout the different stages of reproduction. Her special interests include: fertility preservation, third-party reproduction, holistic health and wellness. Her mission is to provide patients with compassionate care, evidence-based education, anticipatory guidance, and unconditional support with every interaction and ultimately have a ripple effect within the community.
Anne Judge, ARNP

Anne Judge, DNP, WHNP-BC, ARNP

Infertility is a journey no one wants to go on, but Anne Judge believes that support and education is what allows patients to emerge resilient.
Julia Kase, ARNP

Julia Kase, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC

Julia understands that every path to parenthood is unique and sees her role as partnering with patients where they are in their journey.
Nancy Klein, MD

Nancy A. Klein, MD

A founding partner at Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Nancy Klein is dedicated to guiding her patients through their fertility journey and helping them achieve their goal of building their family.
Gerard Letterie, DO

Gerard S. Letterie, DO

A prolific author and designer of many surgical instruments and modifications, Dr. Gerard S. Letterie’s goal is to make patients feel engaged, embraced, and heard throughout their treatment.
Paul Lin, MD
Dr. Paul C. Lin’s surgical expertise—one of the few fertility specialists that use the robotic platform for his complicated surgeries—is matched by his warmth and compassion.
Tacoma fertility specialist Dr. Erik Mazur
Dr. Erik Mazur is committed to providing his patients with a plan that offers the best chance for success while holding true to the things that matter most to each individual.
Dr. Sarah de la Torre

Meghan M. McKeever, MD

Dr. McKeever considers it an honor and a privilege to be invited into the lives and the stories of each of her patients. Accordingly, she believes that each person deserves to be supported, educated, and empowered so they feel prepared to make individualized health care decisions to suit their needs.
Shelley Miksis, ARNP
Shelley enjoys the challenge of working in the ever evolving field of reproductive medicine. It is an honor to be trusted by patient’s to be a part of their fertility preservation and family building journeys.
Paul Lin, MD
Dr. Ostrowski’s expertise includes the clinical and surgical treatment of male infertility, andrology, male reproductive and sexual health.
Rachel Pisto, ARNP
Rachel’s interest in the field of Reproductive Medicine stems from her own journey with infertility. She knew as a provider she wanted to give back to the community what had been given to her.
Akhil B. Shah, MD
Dr. Akhil B. Shah strives to assist patients through their fertility journey by providing education, guidance, and personalized options. His warm, genuine, and approachable nature make communication and open discourse easy.
Tracy Stack, ARNP
Tracy developed a passion for obstetrics, women’s health, and family planning throughout her experiences in the medical profession. She finds it rewarding to work with patients through their individual journeys and to provide compassionate care during both joyous and stressful times.
Tamara Tobias, ARNP
Passionate about reproductive medicine both on a professional and personal level, Tamara Tobias is an active leader in the Fertility Community and a published author. She is an ally and advocate for her patients as they go through their infertility treatment.
Kaitlyn A. Wald, MD
Dr. Kaitlyn Wald is committed to developing trusting and collaborative relationships with her patients.  Her approach is to compassionately educate patients, empowering them to make informed decisions about their treatment strategy.
Angela Thyer, MD
Dr. Tom Walsh’s goal is to provide the most innovative medical and surgical care for male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease.

Laboratory Director

Angela Thyer, MD

Dr. Kristen Ivani, PhD, HCLD

Dr. Kristen Ivani is serving as SRM’s Laboratory Director. Kristen is a Board-Certified High Complexity Laboratory Director in the disciplines of Embryology and Andrology.

Genetic Counselor

Rachel Donnell, MMSC, LCGC Genetic Counselor

Rachel Donnell, MMSc, LCGC

Rachel provides genetic counseling for couples with a variety of fertility concerns. Consults are also available for patients with a personal or family history of genetic conditions, and patients who would like to know more about their genetic testing options both before and during pregnancy.
Rachel Donnell, MMSC, LCGC Genetic Counselor

Nisha Mathew, MS, LCGC

Nisha helps patients understand available genetic testing options so that patients can be empowered to make informed decisions that align with their values. Nisha provides genetic counseling services for a variety of indications including genetic concerns about personal or family histories, preimplantation genetic testing, carrier screening, and family history assessments for egg donors.