Financial Guidance

Each couple’s infertility treatment plan addresses their individual needs, the same is true of the costs associated with that plan. We understand that cost is an important consideration when making decisions regarding your treatment, and have developed a comprehensive array of financial services to help you achieve your goal of having a child. Once your customized treatment plan is in place, one of our financial counselors will provide you with the cost information specific to your plan.

Your most common Questions


Financial FAQs

At SRM, you will be assigned a dedicated financial counselor who will work with you throughout your fertility journey. Our financial counselors have years of experience helping patients make the most of their insurance coverage. They can also recommend loan programs that may provide assistance with treatment costs. Our financial counselors strive to make the financial portion of your treatment journey as stress-free as possible.

Your financial counselor will reach out to you after your new patient consult with the physician to review your insurance benefits and expected out of pocket costs. Once your treatment plan is in place, your financial counselor will explain the corresponding cost information. They will provide you with the information and support you need to help you achieve your dream of growing your family, in the way that makes the most financial sense for you.

SRM offers two fixed fee multi-cycle programs to patients without insurance coverage to help make treatment more affordable; one for IVF and one for Frozen Donor Egg. Our multi-cycle programs make paying for treatment easy to understand and affordable. Enrolling in the multi-cycle program provides financial peace of mind allowing you to focus on what matters most, a positive outcome.

Benefit coverage for infertility treatment varies considerably. Be sure to review the benefits and requirements of your medical plan, specifically any infertility related coverage. We make every attempt to verify coverage for new patients, but you can avoid potential issues by understanding the details of your insurance plan, benefits, and requirements.

Several employers in our area have partnered with Progyny to provide a comprehensive fertility benefit. Progyny is a third-party insurance company that manages an inclusive fertility benefit plan known as a “Smart Cycle.” Our Financial Counselors can assist you with making the best decisions to best utilize your Progyny benefits.

Progyny has other contracted donor banks, however if you have a frozen donor egg benefit, you CAN still use My Egg Bank with SRM. In this case, you would pay SRM directly to purchase your egg lot and then seek reimbursement from Progyny.

We understand that cost is an important consideration when making decisions regarding your treatment. The costs of fertility treatments and tests vary depending on your customized treatment plan. You will receive your specific treatment pricing from your dedicated financial counselor once you and your provider have established a final treatment plan.