Lifestyle choices affect all areas of your life. Optimizing your health—by eating well, exercising and avoiding smoking and alcohol—can increase your chance of becoming pregnant, and of having an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. SRM is proud to offer Food for Fertility, a group workshop focused on the needs of women struggling with infertility and excess body weight.

Do Nutrition and Weight Loss Play a Role in Fertility?

Excess body weight can hinder your ability to conceive by altering the reproductive hormones in your body.  Women who carry excess body weight may also have problems ovulating and experience more inflammation in their bodies.

How can Food for Fertility Help?

Judy Simon, MS, RDN, CD, CHES, FAND and Angela Thyer, MD have helped many women to achieve a healthy pregnancy through the highly successful Food for Fertility Program.  This group program serves to meet the needs of women to cook at home using nourishing, fertility friendly foods in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

The Food for Fertility program is comprised of six weekly 75-90 minute sessions. Each session is highly interactive and designed to provide you with lifestyle information and skill building to promote optimal nutrition, movement, stress reduction, and fertility.  Sessions involves goal setting, cooking a “food of the week” at your home virtually side by side with Judy and Dr. Angela, and sharing your experiences with other participants. Many of our patients have found that the most valuable aspect of the class is the sense of support you get from your peers.

The first step is a one hour telemed meeting with registered dietitian, Judy Simon, a registered dietitian whose expertise is in reproductive nutrition.  Judy works one on one with you to develop an individually designed program to work on your health goals.

If you are motivated to join this program, get in touch with Judy soon.  Due to the interactive nature of this program, class size is limited to six.


We aim for a 5% weight loss over the course of the program. Everyone’s experience is different, but we have found that 5% is achievable for most women. We encourage participants to have their metabolic labs redone after the program; many find that their lab results have totally normalized as a result of the healthy habits they have incorporated into their life.

Special! January Food for Fertility ‘Pop-up’ Class

Date: Sunday, January 24th from 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
your home
To Register:
or for more information please call Judy Simon at 425.260.8783 or email or go to

More details coming soon… Instructors: Judy Simon MS, RDN from Food for Fertility and Angela Thyer, MD from SRM

Food for Fertility Program

Nourish your body to best support fertility. Begin with an individualized nutrition consultation, taste and learn how to prepare foods that optimize fertility, and cultivate your support system with weekly education, coaching and peer support.

Date: Coming Fall 2021 (*Can’t wait until fall? Judy Simon and Dr. Thyer will be hosting ‘pop-up’ classes every 6 weeks, see special notice above)
Location: your home
Waitlist: for more information please call Judy Simon at 425.260.8783 or email or go to

For graduates, women new to the program, or women waiting for the next series to begin, Judy offers monthly virtual ‘check-ins’ throughout the year.


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Food For Fertility with Judy Simon

The Egg Whisper Show
Featuring Dr. Angela Thyer and Judy Simon, MS, RD talks about “Strategies to Support Fertility through Diet.” It’s more than a discussion about diet, but a healthy lifestyle change.

Participant Testimonials

“Food for Fertility is a fantastic class that helps women struggling with infertility make healthy lifestyle changes in food and exercise one step at a time. It allows you to meet up with other women struggling with the same difficulties and provides a great support network. It also helps you to learn to try out new foods you may never have tried before such as chia, kale, and quinoa. Judy Simon is amazing—she makes things interesting and provides excellent education, advice, and support for all women who take this class. I highly recommend it.”

“Being part of the Food for Fertility program through SRM helped me to prepare myself both physically and mentally for pregnancy, and enabled me to focus my energy on being the best possible mother to my babies from the earliest possible moment.”

“I appreciated the hands on support.”     “Mindfulness training was most valuable”.      “I’d take the class again. “

“Being mindful of what’s most beneficial for my body; learning how to eat without shame”

“Very informative class and I would recommend them to everyone with or without fertility issues”.       “The weekly goals helped a lot!”

What was most valuable? “The groups support and recipes; real life applications.”     “Making friends and learning about nutrition and fertility”.