Living with PCOS: A Patient Story

By Jenn

At 32, I thought I would be just about done growing my family. Never in my wildest dreams could I have believed that my reality would actually be getting my body ready for IVF. While many of my friends are on their second or third baby, I have yet to have my first. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome was introduced to me at the age of 25. I was gaining weight, shaving my neck, and lamenting over my thinning scalp. When I was diagnosed, I had just gotten engaged and the news was unsettling, but the reality didn’t sink in until we started trying to grow our family.

After trying for over 2 years, we began fertility treatments at Seattle Reproductive Medicine. Fertility treatments are stressful enough due to time and cost, but I am also managing my weight, nutrition, and insulin resistance all while trying to keep my stress levels somewhat sane. It’s not easy when people tell you “Oh just relax, it will happen for you when you least expect it!”, knowing full well that your 4th and final IUI just resulted in a negative test.

Going through PCOS and fertility treatments oddly enough do have some positive traits (I know, but hear me out on these)! First, you realize just how strong you are. Let me tell you, this stuff gets really emotional, but I can feel my inner strength build with every heartache. Second, I know my body more than I ever did before. What nutrition fuels it best for fertility, and that even though PCOS keeps me at a higher weight, I can still kick butt at the gym! Third, you really come to know who’s in your corner. My network of my partner, family, and select friends really became my rocks. Every single text, phone call, postcard, and hug has meant the world. The best part, is even though I’m the one with PCOS, my husband and I still tackle this journey together.

As I prepare my body for IVF through fitness and nutrition, my mantra is simple:

It WILL happen! PCOS does not get to be my entire story, but rather a roadblock that I will conquer for my health and my future family.

September 13, 2019

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