SRM’s Statement on Roe vs Wade

We only utilize sperm banks that conform to ASRM, AATB, and FDA guidelines and regulations. They must also be certified by CLIA and registered with the FDA. Before you choose a donor/bank make sure you notify your provider and/or care coordinator to make sure it is an approved bank and to help facilitate transfer of your purchased sperm to SRM.

Things to consider when choosing a sperm bank may include cost, donor selection and availability, cost and logistics of shipping to SRM, and quality guarantees.

A few of the things to consider when choosing your donor include characteristics/traits that are important to you and/or your partner, has the donor caused any pregnancies, and is the donor positive for any genetic diseases.

We partner with the following sperm banks:

  • Seattle Sperm Bank
  • NW Cryobank
  • California Cryobank
  • Cryos International
  • Fairfax Cryobank
  • Xytex