Optimizing PCOS Health Workshop Series

We Be Wellness will host group coaching series’ in partnership with SRM focusing on optimizing health for those diagnosed with PCOS.  

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common metabolic and hormonal disorder in women of childbearing age, and is estimated to effect between 6-13% of women. It is the leading cause of female infertility in the United States.

PCOS is an inflammatory condition.  In order to effectively treat PCOS, it is essential to treat the root cause of the condition and work to reduce system-wide inflammation using a personalized approach. 

Using Functional Medicine Coaching practices, the Optimizing Health Workshop will empower participants with education, strategies, and shared experiences to ameliorate symptoms of PCOS.  

Workshop Objectives:

  • To enable women diagnosed with PCOS to optimize their health and if desired, increase chances of conception.
  • To provide a supportive space for women diagnosed with PCOS
  • To provide a framework for goal setting and accountability through weekly interactions over a period of 9 weeks
  • To help women with PCOS ameliorate symptoms so that they can conceive naturally/minimal intervention
  • To create community that fosters collective healing
  • To provide a space for open communication revolving around struggles and successes of women facing PCOS by engaging in dialogue, texting messages, FB interaction, educational content and 1:1 coaching
  • To serve as a conduit for SRM and provide consistency/implementation of recommendations and help improve patient outcomes


Session Format + Topics: Three 1:1 Coaching Sessions + 6 Weeks of Group Work


3 one on one individual coaching sessions

Introductory session – to understand client background, strengths & barriers, review MD suggestions and fertility history.

Mid-Way Check In– Halfway through group coaching, at approximately the 3 week marker, coaches will check in with clients for a mid-session one on one review.

Closing Session– After the final group coaching session, coaches will meet with clients to review successes, continued struggles and go forward action plans.

Group Work by the Numbers:

  • Number of participants: 8-12
  • Number of 1:1 sessions: 3
  • Number of group sessions: 6
  • Client Criteria: Women diagnosed with PCOS
  • Time: 1X week (6 weeks total) for 75 minutes
  • Check-ins- via group and individual texts + Facebook group
  • Cost: $375

Session Features:

  • All Sessions will be guided by board certified functional medicine health coaches
  • Join in from the comfort of your home, all sessions are remote via Zoom.
  • Each session will feature examples of various mindfulness practices, a mini lesson on identified topics and breakout groups.
  • Goal Setting – At the end of each session, participants will identify individual goals that they will work on throughout the week. At times, coaches will create a group goal as well.

Led by We Be Wellness Practitioners


Carly Kaufman, MPH, M.Ed, NBC-HWC, FMCHC
Caroline Kusnetz, MBA, NBC-HWC, FMCHC


Session 1



  • Introduction of group members and individual goals/ struggles – establish rapport with each other
  • Review workshop objectives – Why are we here?
  • Introduction of how we will work together: Modes of support

Session 2


  • To provide an overview of correlation between nutrition and female fertility
  • To review key pillars of nutrition for PCOS
  • To highlight proven nutritional approaches and specific implementation strategies
  • Common sense nutrition

Session 3


  • Find the balance of physical activity and movement while trying to conceive
  • Explore the benefits of exercise on patients with PCOS: improved hormonal profiles, regulated menstrual cycles, and association of higher chances of ovulation and conception
  • Exercise for stress relief
  • Discuss implementation of exercise plan/schedule – setting realistic goals
  • How to deal with obstacles to regular exercise / finding the right timing and mix for each individual

Session 4


  • To discuss the association between stress and infertility
  • To share stress reduction best practices / to identify individual methods that resonate with each individual
  • To provide examples and information on the power of breath

Session 5




  • Stress eating while trying to conceive
  • Nutrition as a goal (without the guilt)
  • Identifying low glycemic and anti inflammatory foods
  • Getting the good stuff in – strategies

Session 6


  • Understanding impacts of gratitude, connection and meaning and association with good health
  • Identifying way to incorporate a daily gratitude practice and its impact on positivity and fertility
  • Recognizing negative thoughts and focusing on ways to make them positive.
  • Closing remarks and continued connection  after formal group work is over.

How is this group beneficial?  

  • Camaraderie
  • Support
  • Shared experiences
  • Helpful Suggestions
  • Accountability


Available Add-on:

Established SRM patients will also have the opportunity to add on 1:1 nutrition coaching sessions with SRM’s Nutrition & Wellness Coach for additional support around meal planning, nutritional supplements and individualized dietary needs. These add-on sessions will be available throughout the duration of the workshop as well as on an ongoing basis after completing the workshop. Participants can opt to sign-up for one to three 30-minute nutrition coaching sessions throughout the workshop at $50 each.


Wednesdays Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and March 6

Time: 7:00 – 8:15 pm

Cost: $375

Note: Ideally, each participant will meet one on one with Carly before the start date. More information at the registration link.


Space is limited, please register by Jan. 31st.


Please contact Carly Kaufman at carly@webewellness.com.


Caroline Kusnetz, MBA, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Certified Bredesen ReCODE™ Practitioner

Wildfit Coach 

Co-Founder We Be Wellness | Functional Medicine Health Coach


Caroline Kusnetz is a ReCode™ trained board-certified functional medicine health coach. Caroline is most passionate about brain health and optimization.  She believes passionately in the ability to prevent serious degenerative brain diseases through our daily choices.  Caroline helps her clients build awareness and guide them to discover how optimal health feels. She works with them to highlight and dispel (or extinguish) their limiting beliefs around what is within their control and to develop a foundation and plan for living vibrantly.  Building a sustainable lifestyle through focusing on fitness, health, and optimal nutrition has been a lifelong passion of hers. Caroline has always looked at life as a series of endurance challenges to be met with optimism and joy and sharing with others the realization that the outcome often far exceeds what one believes is even possible.  World traveler, former technology executive, iron woman, entrepreneur, truth seeker, death defier, Mother, functional medicine health coach, photographer, survivor, work in progress, Caroline lives in NYC with her husband and two children.

Carly Kaufman, MPH, M.Ed, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Co-Founder We Be Wellness | Functional Medicine Health Coach


Carly Kaufman is a board-certified functional medicine health coach with over 25 years’ experience in the fields of public health, wellness, and education. A former non-profit leader, public health crusader, educator and technology executive, Carly has spent her career focusing on the health of individuals and communities. Carly’s straightforward and supportive coaching style helps clients look at life patterns and set goals in achieving better wellness; be it a restful night’s sleep, moving more, learning stress management techniques, incorporating a new nutrition plan or all of the above. 

A believer in embracing the process, and incorporating humor as much as possible, Carly brings a no-nonsense approach to her client-led sessions. Carly has a specific interest in gut and women’s health and values education as an important part of behavior change.  An active trip planner, aspiring tennis player, cookbook collector, knowledge seeker, New York Times crossword fan and fair-weather skier- Carly lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, two boys and dog, Bowie.

Chelsea Fechtner, MScN, CN

SRM Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Certified Nutritionist

Chelsea Fechtner is passionate about nourishing and uplifting others throughout their path to parenthood journey. Chelsea began her studies at the University of Washington, majoring in Early Childhood and Family Studies. There she became interested in preconception and prenatal nutrition and the impact it has on infant and child development. She continued on to receive a Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine and now specializes in nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Chelsea is a Certified Nutritionist and has spent the last two years supporting new parents in the postpartum period through nourishing meals and holistic nutrition recommendations. After hearing about the challenges with fertility that many families face, she was inspired to start providing nutrition support on the other side. Her goal is to take a collaborative and holistic approach with clients and offer personalized nutrition recommendations to help them improve their overall health and wellbeing. In her spare time, Chelsea loves spending time with her partner and their chocolate lab. She also enjoys reading, trying out new recipes and running along the Seattle waterfront.