In order to maximize your time during your first visit, we recommend that you print and complete the forms below prior to arrival. Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete the registration process.

Update May 2020 – Your Telemedicine Consult – We have created an informative blog post with quick tips and a FAQ for optimizing your telemedicine consultation. We had to pivot and go virtual with all of our consultations due to the coronavirus.  This has helped tremendously at decreasing foot traffic in the clinic, so we can adhere to social distancing and decreasing risk to our patients and staff.

Optimizing your Telemedicine Consultation BLOG POST – link here

Step 1

Please complete the appropriate form:

1.  Planning to have a child:

2. Medical health history for those not planning pregnancy

3. Male health history for patients of Dr. Walsh

4. Fertility Assessment

Step 2

Please read and sign the last three pages of the Policies and Acknowledgements Packet. Print one packet for each partner (if applicable):

Step 3

Please print and sign the Release Form if you have relevant outside medical records. These would include any prior fertility testing or treatment, or any other labs done within the past year:

Step 4

Please review the following information: