Words of Wisdom For Your Infertility Journey

By Tamara Tobias. ARNP

Going through infertility is a journey. It can be long, hard and stressful, and you may even feel lost at times on what to do next. Tamara Tobias, a Nurse Practitioner at SRM has gone on this journey in the past. In her new book, Fertility Walk: A Fertility Nurse’s Guide Along Your Journey, she shares some words of wisdom to help inspire and keep you sane throughout your infertility journey.

Whether you are freezing your eggs for fertility preservation or are actively trying to get pregnant, this particular stage in your life can be extremely taxing on your relationships, home life, finances, etc. Perhaps you need an extra rest, or a metaphorical “fiver” on this journey. You alone know your body, your heart, and your stress. I encourage you to be aware of the toll this fertility walk can and will take on your life. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of setting aside time with your partner (if applicable), time away from the trail; allow yourselves time to recover from “overuse.” Be sure to set boundaries for yourselves to avoid burnout. Bear in mind this is a journey, and although it may feel like it has taken over your life, I promise it will not last forever. My mother always told me during difficult times, “This too shall pass.” I remember feeling the impossibility of that statement at the moment, but she was right.

Even though you may feel obstructed by a boulder, there ARE alternative paths to take.

Right now, maybe all you see are trees (roadblocks), cliffs (dangers), or rocky cliffs (heartache). When you feel overwhelmed about the journey still ahead, be sure to look behind you and appreciate how far you’ve already come. Here’s my encouragement: Don’t give up. Take a deep breath. Reorient yourself and take another step. To my fellow traveler on this weary, rugged, sometimes lonely path, My HOPE for you is . . . To trust that this too shall pass To not let infertility take over your life To stay strong through the good and the bad To believe you CAN achieve your dreams even though the paths may change along the way Let’s continue our walk together . . . Fertility Walk can be used as your compass and walking tool on your infertility journey. Read more about Tamara’s work at SRM here. Click here to learn more about Tamara’s book. Looking to get involved? Join SRM this April at the first Footsteps for Fertility 5k Race; SRM will be giving away one IVF treatment cycle to one lucky participant. Click here to learn more.

March 28, 2017

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