Infertility Support Groups

Infertility is a common diagnosis, affecting millions of couples. While stress doesn’t appear to cause infertility, infertility often increases emotional stress. Many couples rate in vitro fertilization (IVF) as one of the biggest stressors in their lives. By learning stress management skills, taking care of yourself and connecting with others, you will start to feel in control—even when you are having trouble getting pregnant.

Everyone needs different types of emotional support, which is why there is a variety of online and in-person infertility support groups in the Seattle area. This list breaks down all the different types of infertility support groups in the area.

Facebook Support Groups

Hope and Support is a Seattle-based infertility support group. Through their closed Facebook page, they connect people dealing with infertility. This group welcomes people in every stage of their journey—from those who have just begun having infertility issues to those undergoing the most advanced reproductive fertility procedures.

Other closed Facebook Support Groups:
Hope and Support – a Seattle-based Infertility Support Group for Men
Hope and Support – a Seattle-based Pregnant after Infertility Support Group
Empowered: A Seattle-based PCOS Wellness Community

PCOS Wellness Support Group

We offer a free monthly drop-in virtual support group for those with PCOS. Each session includes a presentation about a new wellness topic, group discussion, and Q&A with SRM’s Nutrition & Wellness Coach and guest speakers. PCOS Wellness Support Group info

Resolve Seattle Peer-Led Support Groups

Are you among the 1 in 8 American couples struggling to build your family? Are you currently pursuing treatment or considering adoption? Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with others on a similar journey? Come join our group!

Update: All support groups are now virtual. Visit RESOLVE link below for more information.

RESOLVE Peer-led Support Groups are informal opportunities for women and men experiencing infertility to connect with one another, to discuss their situations and to receive support from others who have had similar experiences or who are struggling with similar issues. Group moderators are volunteers and are not mental health professionals. Attendance is free. Please contact the group host before attending your first meeting.

Seattle Peer-Led Support is a free support group affiliated with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

Outside the Seattle area, there are other peer-led support groups around the Puget Sound area, from Bellingham to Burien and in between. Visit Resolve’s support group web page for further details.