Research Studies

The physician group at SRM was in academic medicine at the University of Washington (UW) for a number of years before SRM was launched in 2004. At the University of Washington our physicians received several prestigious National Institute of Health grants, and helped to make groundbreaking discoveries on reproductive aging. At SRM, we have continued our research endeavors to learn more about infertility, reproductive aging, and treatment options to best serve our patients and lead to new discoveries to help future patients.

Included below, please find some information on our current research studies:

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Repeat miscarriages are emotionally and physically devastating. While we have many tests and procedures designed to uncover the reason behind multiple losses, it is not uncommon that we are unable to find the reason “why” this continues to happen.

SRM is partnered with physicians and researchers at the University of Washington to collect tissue from patients with repeat miscarriage to learn more about subtle issues that could be at play. We hope to add to the information to better diagnose and treat these patients.


Male Infertility

As part of our fertility evaluation, sometimes we uncover a severely low sperm count with no explanation. In this case, In Vitro Fertilization or Intrauterine Insemination might be recommended. Our treatments for men to be able to increase their sperm number and motility are unfortunately limited.

We are working with Dr. Amory MD, MPH at the University of Washington to recruit patients for his research study on retinoic acid and spermatogenesis. We hope that this information will lead to new therapies to treat this condition.If you are interested in participating in this study, please email  for more information.

Nutrition and Pregnancy

Nutrition and weight are key factors in helping a patient get pregnant and also to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, these are also difficult to control aspects of our lives.

Judy Simon MS, RD and Angela Thyer, MD put together a program in 2011 to help women who are overweight achieve better health and pregnancy rates by participating in a small peer support group program called Food for Fertility.  Participants have successfully lost weight and have continued their healthy lifestyle pursuits. Please contact Judy Simon, for more information.