Develop a Treatment Plan

Once you have completed your evaluation, you will develop a treatment plan with your physician. We will consider many factors as we develop your personalized plan: Your Age and/or ‘Ovarian Reserve’
  • Couples in which the female is older than 35, or who have been found to have diminished ovarian reserve, may wish to consider more aggressive treatment options.
Your Duration of Infertility
  • A long versus short period of infertility may influence how you choose to proceed with treatment.
The Reason for Your Infertility
  • There are particular treatments for the various causes of infertility; this greatly influences your treatment plan.
Cost of Treatment
  • Costs vary from treatment to treatment. We will discuss specific costs with you as we determine your best course of treatment so you are fully informed.
Success Rates of Treatment
  • As with treatment costs, the success rates of the treatment plan options also vary. We will ensure that you have all the information necessary to make the best decision for you.
Desired Time to Conception
  • The anticipated time to pregnancy varies by treatment. Your physician will cover this with you as you develop your treatment plan together.
Risks Involved with the Various Treatment Plans
  • The risks involved in the treatment options mainly involve risk of multiple gestation and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Your physician will discuss these issues with you.
Desire for Additional Testing on the Embryos
  • The more complex treatment options allow for genetic testing on the embryo. Testing can be quite useful in specific situations. Your physician will let you know if testing may be of benefit to you.
Aspiration to Preserve Additional Embryos for Future Pregnancy
  • Some couples wish to create embryos for a future pregnancy, as well as establish a current pregnancy. Your physician will discuss this with you as you prepare your plan.